18 August 2010

Yummy-yummy.. Starbucks Time ;)

We are alredy in front of Starbucks Coffee at Jusco Seberang Prai.. ;)

Many kinds of favourite baverage.. Yum,Yum, Yum...

When the day is hot, Starbucks is cool.

This is my favourite : Chocolate Blended ;)

Raspberry Blackcurrant Frappuccino® 

This is some picture that i alredy take it and juz SUKA SUKI! ;)

Big deals!! Hehe

The best cheese cake that i have been eatin! HOHO

Tales and stories about our life are told time and again to kids, in order to let them understand the true meaning of life. Such stories help them know how precious day are. Some of day stories are timeless and have been told through generations. Others are based on personal experiences and the rest are just somebody's creative imagination! However, one thing is common in all of them and that is important morals in life. Every story based on experience tells the fact that life are gifts of God. One should not let small disputes and misunderstandings strain our life! ;)

Thats all from me, bye bye ;)))